Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gilding the Lilly

"Gilding the lilly" is an expression that a lot of folks don't understand but I like to use it anyway. It basically means adding excess to indulgence. For example, if you poured double mocha fudge on top of the yummiest fudge trufles you've ever eaten, that would be gilding the lilly.
So today when I was reading my most guiltiest pleasure, the Cake Wrecks blog, that was the only phrase that seemed to fit when I clicked on an ad and saw this: A strawberry lollipop flecked with edible gold flakes. It is described as a "romantic gift." the only thing my warped mind could think of was "How do you get the gold flakes out of your teeth?" and "If it stuck there, would it look like a grille?"
So, if you have a hard to buy for person on your Christmas know the one who has EVERYTHING, get them one of these lollipops. I bet a dollar it's the only one they get this year!

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Diana said...

LOL! You know you're in trouble when they don't give you the price up front!! I have heard this expression before but must admit, did not really know what it meant. Thanks for educating me :)!