Friday, November 7, 2008

Make a Child Smile

If you read my profile you know that I'm into reading blogs and rubber stamping. Today's post marries the two. (And since I drink coffeee while I'm reading blogs, I guess that makes it a three way of my addictions!)
In spite of the fact that I have no biological children, I strongly believe that you should do everything that you can do to make children feel like they are important, special and loved. So, when I read about Make a Child Smile on a card making blog, my heart sang. is a website dedicated to children who are hospitalized with terminal illnesses. It invites people to mail cards to these kids to brighten their day. I love to get mail that isn't a bill so I can only imagine how they light up at receiving a card or a note of encouragement.
I'm asking you to please check out this website and pickup an extra card when you're out shopping, or go the extra step (if you're crafty) and make a card and drop it in the mail. Get your kids involved, invite your Sunday School class or girl scout troop to help. I can promise you, your effort will be appreciated.


Pip said...

Correction: These children do not ALL have terminal illnesses. Some have chronic illness that requires a lot of care.

Diana said...

Great idea Pip!! As you know, our middle daughter is a nurse at St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital. My aunt loves Happy Meals from McDonalds. She gives me all of the happy meal toys to give to our daughter to give to all of her patients :) Brings a big smile to their faces... Doesn't take much to say, "I care!"