Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Random Friday

It's Friday and boy am I glad. It seems like this week has lasted a lifetime. I'm full of random stuff today.
Do you have any fun and exciting plans for the weekend? Sweetie's children are coming to my house this weekend. I love them so much! Son has a basketball game on Sunday so that will be fun for us. I'm going on a super secret squirrel Christmas mission this weekend and I'm hoping I can pull it off.
Went to the grocery store yesterday. What chaos! I swear there was nearly a fight over the frozen turkeys. Husbands and wives were forming tag team pairs to dive into the freezer cases. I think I even saw one woman with a map and a battle plan. It was like they were saying MUST. HAVE. TURKEY. Don't even get me started about the cranberry sauce aisle. I was frightened.
Dr. appointment for my finger yesterday. Have to wear this awesome splint for another week. I got to keep my X-rays. I think I might frame them and hang them in my living room. They would make awesome Halloween decorations.
I went Chrsitmas shopping after my Dr. appointment. I saw a woman who although she was quite pretty and dressed very stylishly, she had the sourest look on her face. All that pretty was lost on her because of the scowl she wore. It looked like she swallowed a bug. Her eyebrows were all scrunched up and she was frowning. I felt bad for her. I wanted to tell her "If it's that bad just go home and put your PJs on" but I didn't.
My addiction needs fed. MUST. HAVE. COFFEE.
Happy Friday Y'all!
What are your random thoughts today?

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