Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday + Cyber Monday = RUDE

I will joyfully admit that I am one of "those" people. Yes, I am a Black Friday shopper. For about the last 15 years I have gotten up at the butt crack of dawn just to go out and get the very best Christmas bargains possible. Ask my sister L. about the time she went with me. I had a very unfortunate incident trying to buy a bread maker. (I'll tell you the story another time.) I have seen it all. From people who obviously just rolled out of bed and came in their P- Jams and slippers, to the ones who stay up all night and camp by the front door of the store. I've seen fights and tears and people who fall down inthe aisle. I normally just go about my business and get what I'm there for and patiently wait in line and try to over look the rudenes and goofiness of the other shoppers.

This year I waited until later in the morning to go shopping because I craved sleep more than I craved a good deal. I was shocked at the level of rudeness displayed by the other shoppers. In all my yars of BF shopping, I've never seen people so blatantly rude. I ran into a friend at one store and she said that one place she had been the people were so rude that she left her cart full of "stuff" in the middle of the store and went home.

I told my Sweetie about this strange phenomena when I got home and he had an intersting take on it. He said "Of course they were rude. Everyone is p'd off because they're broke and can't afford to buy Christmas presents but they still have to be out shopping and spending money."

I'm not sure if that really is the reason or not but it sounded good. It made me think of a Christmas letter my parents received from friends in TX many years ago. It said "Christmas is a strange time of year. We decorate a dead tree, and stuff our socks full of candy and we spend money we don't have buying gifts for people we don't like"

So, did you go BF shopping and did you think the other shoppers were more rude than normal? Why do you think that is?

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Diana said...

Hi Pip, I went to Kohl's but not until 11 am. There big sale was on until 1 pm. I have never gotten up at the "Butt Crack" of dawn to shop... I had to LOL when I read your "Butt Crack" ;) I was still able to get the 2 bracelets I wanted at Kohl's plus 2 pairs of ear rings, so I was happy. I was able to run in and run out without any disturbance at all. I do think people are getting ruder tho as time goes on ~ Unfortunate! Some People want everything and have a gimme attitude and actually Expect it (whatever it is.) There have always been people like this but I think their numbers are growing as time goes by... They see others enjoying maybe what they cannot afford and get ps'd off... I also believe these are the ones that make the news and so on. I believe there are Many More nice people in the world but they don't make the press ~