Tuesday, November 18, 2008


If my typing is full of typographical errors today, I apologize in advance. You see, I broke the ring finger on my right hand Saturday night while stacking firewood. It's swelled up and is the lovliest shade of "brusie" that I've ever seen. I went to the local "doc in a box" place on Sunday morning. The doctor was very nice and he offered to write me off work. The nurse came in with a giant set of tin snips and a long piece of aluminum to make a splint. So, I left the place with a ginormous splint, a set of instructions telling me to eleveate my hand and an Rx for vicodin, or black out in a bottle as I like to call it.
Now I'm totally learning how much I use that finger. I also think I'm trying to set a world record for bumping it as many times in a day as humanly possible. If you think something sticks out like a sore thumb, try having it stick out like a broken ring finger.
I just hope it heals quickly and I get the splint off in time to make pies for Thanksgiving.

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Diana said...

FlourGirl, how is your finger doing????