Monday, December 8, 2008

Burning Questions

2 inches of snow dropped this weekend and IT. IS. COLD. I hate the cold. Where is my blanket and fuzzy socks? Why is it that people who have lived all thier lives in Ohio, a state where is snows, forget how to drive when the very first snowflake drops? Is there some kind of mind altering chemical in those frozen little flakes? It's a government conspiracy designed to drive up the cost of road salt and car insurance. I just know it.

My gram's funeral was Friday and I'm longing to know the answer to this question: Why do people bring food when someone dies? I think this practice is akin to religion inthe south. They even have casseroles named for it! Who hasn't eaten Funeral Potatoes at least once in their life? (And if you haven't you are missing out on one of the most delicious calorie and fat laden foods on earth)

Why does the number of socks you put INTO the washer never match what you take OUT of thw washer, and where do all those socks go? I have a basket full of sock solos. You would think at some point there would be 2 that match. No dice.

Why does my dog insist on dragging 1 package of Ramen noodles out of the pantry every day? he doesn't eat them, he just gets the package out and takes it into the living room and puts it on the floor. And while we are on the subject of my dog, why does he keep gettting into the drawer where I keep recipes? I'm worried that he might be trying to teach himself how to cook. If that happens bar the door Katie, we are all in trouble!

Where does the tape disappear to every time I'm wrapping presents. I start out the gift wrapping process all organized and stuff, with my tape and my scissors and my ribbons and name tages, but before I'm even done with the first package, everything has disappeared and I have to stop mid wrap to find it all again. Gremlins, I swear it's gremlins.

Please, help me figure it all out before I lose my mind. And if I do lose my mind, it will probably be with the tape and the socks.

Got any burning questions you want to put out there to the internet?

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