Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In a mood

I am in a black mood today. I feel mean and wicked and my temper is short. I feel like the universe is conspiring against me. No one needs to thank me for my patience because it ran out a long time ago.
This mood started last night when I had to go pick up something I ordered for Christmas. I drove 40 miles one way and when I got there the stupid place was closed. So then I decided to do a little bit of shopping. That seems like a harmless enough thing to do, doesn't it? Well, apparently I was the only person in the place who thought so! It was rudeness the likes of which I have never seen. I didn't encounter one singe smiling person. NOT ONE! Everyone looked tired and rushed.
It continued this morning when I was so busy at work I didn't know if I was coming or going. And now it is being perpetuated by some business dealings I have with the bank. Grr!
I've heard it said that you become like the 5 people you are around the most. I sure hope that my foul attitude doesn't rub off on anyone else today.
So, I've issued myself a challenge or an ultimatum, what ever you want to call it. I am going to find a way to be in a better mood.
What do you do to put yourself in a better mood?

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Diana said...

What do I do to put myself in a better mood? ~ Believe me that is Easier said than done.... LOL! What I can do is give you a Hug and tell you this too shall pass :) You are a sweetie, a fun loving person that cares greatly for those around her. This is just a funk, maybe a little PMS and a lot of running and little time for yourself... I will never forget what you told us while at Shoney's in Branson ~~~~ Something you told your Sweetie, remember? You said you told him, "I've got 1/2 the money and all the *****, do you really want to go there?" LOL! God love ya Pip :)