Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wish in one know the rest

I was reading some older posts on one of my favorite blogs, "This is Reverb" and found one that I thought was very interesting. The blog writer is an associate pastor at a church in Cincinnatti and his name is Ryan. He has views on religion that I enjoy reading about. And he has the cutest little blonde haired child he calls Ava Beans.
Ryan asked his readers to finish this sentence: "I wish I had..." I found some of the responses to be quite profound and moving. SO, I am shamelessly blog lifting his post and asking you to finish the same question. (Sorry Ryan. Hope you don't mind. )

I wish I had more hours in a day or less to do so that I cold stop feeling like a hamster running on a wheel all the time.

What do you wish you had?


Diana said...

I volunteer at an animal shelter Soooo, I wish I had enough money to donate to the shelter for a large enough facility to house all of the animals. There are some dogs that are outside all winter because there are so many and the building is only so big. These dogs do have igloo type houses with straw & blankets but it is still so cold. I just hate to see them left outside all winter. I work with the cats so I don't know maybe they switch the dogs up, taking turns at staying outside. That would make sense, but I still don't like it ~

Reverb said...

No prob FlourGirl! I've got an open door policy where people can feel free to "take" anything they want from me.

Bless you.