Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This may surprise you

I love to cook and bake. I own hundreds of kitchen gadgets that have been left to suffer in my cluttered kitchen drawers. But, the one thing I have NEVER owned is an electric can opener. NEVER. Nor do I want one. Sweetie has offered to buy me one, but I'm not sure if its because he thinks I'm deprived, or if its because he despises my can opener. At one time, I even had a vintage hang on the wall contraption with a hand crank that I bought at a flea market. It was WAY cool. Wish I still had it. Even in this hurry up and rush around world of wonderful technology, I honestly don't want an electric can opener.

This is what I own:

It is a smooth edge can opener from Pampered Chef. They are $17.50 and can be ordered from www.pamperedchef.com. I've had mine for about 10 years now and I love it. It has opened literally hundreds, maybe even thousands, of cans. I know that I have to turn the little handle exactly 12 times to get a lid open. I know that there is a slight flat spot on the roller that causes it to get stuck sometimes. Its getting a little worn out and I'm thinking of buying a new one.

I went to my parent's house a couple of weeks ago and made dinner and when it came time to open up some cans of vegetables, I had to get my Dad to open them because I don't even know how to use an electric can opener. My family thinks I'm strange and that it's funny. Glad I can bring such entertainment into their lives.

Last night I was at my parent's again to make dinner and I successfully used the electric opener, ALL. BY. MYSELF. It has been decided: I still prefer mine.

What kitchen gadget do you enjoy using that others might not?


chocolatechic said...

My microplane.

Hey will you be taking Betsy's baking class @ Zane State the end of February???

Diana said...

Pip, no electric can opener for me either. I don't feel the need for another electric appliance on my counter when there is no need for one. My hand & wrist still work just fine :) I love my pampered chef garlic press. I love garlic so I would be lost without my garlic press...