Friday, January 9, 2009

Once my newphew asked me what my favorite food was. I toldhim I hve two: spaghetti, and hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. He laughed hysterically and I didn't understand why. He told met hat I like "broke food" - the stuff you eat when you can't afford anything else. That was several years ago and my tastes haven't changed. I LOVE mac and cheese in any way, shape or form and at any time of day. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a perfectly grilled chicken breast with a balsamic reduction wth oven roasted baby vegetables. I can be as gourmet as anyone, but when I want comfort food, I turn to mac and cheese.

Today for breakfast at work I had a cup of Kraft Easy mac. I nuked that sucker in the microwave and was happy.

Have you ever tried Easy Mac?

What is your favorite food?

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chocolatechic said...


And meat.

If I have had enough chocolate and am craving something, it is always a greasy hamburger.