Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I fought the law and the law won

Yesterday I had my very first ever experience in court. (not counting divorce court) I was arrested (GASP!) in January for Unlawful Entrustment, which is a violation of the Ohio Revised Code. I allowed Sweetie to drive my truck knowing he does not have a valid driver's license. On a very snowy, icy day, he wrecked the truck, flipping end over end and rolling 3 times before coming to a stop against a tree. Anyway, I was charged as a result. The possible punishment for this crime could be $1000 fine, 12 month license suspension and 90 days in the county jail. I've been stressed out and worried about the impending court hearing. Yesterday was my court date. My wonderful lawyer, David, got the penalty reduced to a $250 fine and 5 yrs. probation, during which time I can not have any traffic violations or the original penalty applies.

What surprised me about this event was the attire/state of dress/general appearance of the other defendants. Some even had house slippers and pajamas on! I was shocked!!!!

Anyway, I have always believed that when you have a lesson that you need to learn, it will present its self to you in a very unique and divine way. Imagine my surprise while reading The Pioneer Woman's Blog today I ran across another blog/website for Wild Olives Tee Shirts ( I found this bible quote from the book of James, Chapter 1 vs. 2-3:

Consider it Pure Joy, my brothers, when you face trials
of many kinds because you know that the testing
of your faith develops perserverance."
So, that has become my lesson learned for today. All of my stressing and worrying was helping me to have stronger faith and more perseverance.
Nevertheless, I've stopped speeding and have no desire to be arrested,or back in court, EVER. AGAIN.


chocolatechic said...

You!?! have stopped speeding???

It is a good thing I'm sitting down, or I would have fallen on the floor....;)

Pip said...

ROFL! Slow is better than incarcerated!