Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Randomness

I don't have any specific thing to blog about today. Sorry. You get to follow my thoughts as they pop into my head today. lucky you!
I'm still on the search for a grill. I need a new one- BAD. I grilled a couple of RibEyes last night and only about half of the burners worked. :o(
It's graduation season. My niece is graduating next week. How did she grow up so fast? ACK! I guess that means we better get the new rooms on the house finished so she can move in and go to college.
Its also (shh!) swimsuit season. I am officially banning swimsuit season. Sorry for those of you who will be disappointed.
I did not watch American Idol this season. Not one show, even. But, I'm curious. Did you like the winner?
I also did not watch Dancing with the Stars. Again, did you like the winner?
I did however, watch a few episodes of Survivor. I'm glad that TJ won. He's a cutie.
80 deg. in Ohio. Today. Bring on the sunshine!
What random thoughts are you processing today?

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