Monday, January 24, 2011

When life is busy

It is a fact that I am a busy person. I like to be busy. Having nothing to do drives me crazy. I've had as many as 5 jobs at one time, two of which were full time. Right now, I am working one full time job, going to school half time and working at the tax office approximately 20 to 30 hours a week. On top of laundry, cooking, cleaning and my husband and 2 dogs.

My daily schedule looks something like this:
Get up at 5:30 am. Be to job # 1 by 7 am.
Either go to second job or school by 4 pm.
Work till sometime after 9 pm. Get home by 10 pm.
Homework and supper.
Bed around midnight.
Do it all again.

I fit homework and studying in when I do laundry and for meals, I rely on my crock pot a lot, and my sainted mother in law, who feeds my husband and sends home care packages for her tired daughter in law. Grocery shopping oftern takes place in the middle of the night or early Sunday morning. Somehow, I am able to make it work.

It drives me insane when I hear other people say "I just don't have the time". I just want to say Really? Come hang with me for a day and I'll show you what not having time is all about.

When I get a day off I want to make the most of it. I have to fit is as much as I can in a few short hours.

My husband can swear in a court of law that I get extremely cranky when I'm tired and stressed out so I try to make sure that I take a little time to unwind. Sometimes that may be a bubble bath with some candles at 11 pm, or a quiet cup of coffee at 6 in the morning on my day off.

Tell me, what do you do to unwind when you are busy and stressed out?

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Mecky said...

Hi Ol' RoseBuddy!!
You are way too busy. Don't you be spreading yourself so think that you get sick.
I have said I don't have time for things but it isn't that I don't have time, I just don't use my time as wisely as I should.
I am with you on having to have something to do. I like to have projects to do and when I am not able to get to them, I feel empty inside.
It is good to see you blogging! Come by and visit me on mine. I try not to get too personal, so it is rather a boring blog!!

Take care, Pip.